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Emily~ Broke through her right to play hockey while supporting her familyStaclicia~humbly fights for women in domestic abuse situationsCasey~fought for 7 years without a coach and is now pro and titled boxer.Jenna~battled a hart condition remained competitive and received an invitation to play Field Hockey in the OlympicsBeckey~pursing a pro fighting career while educating kids on Action Taken Cracks the Wall of FailureWorking full time, Teaching Judo, maintains a workout that has lead her to several title MMA championships.Megan~successful brought Lacrosse (D1) to her university now coaches women to succeed in the sport.The word impossible makes me giggle.  She Continues to break records in body building and co-owns a weight lifting gym giving opportunities to others.Responded to those who said she could not play by scoring goal after goal, until she was accepted.After Stara conquered a fatal illness, she celebrated by playing RugbyConfront the Challenge and Mountains become PebblesMy Ideas are The PriorityVisualization creates RealityBeauty is within.  When I shine the world reflects GreatnessI Am what I Dream